Known Issues

Bugs to Fix:

  • Multiple tags: hide show hide any item that has any of the given tags, show should show any item with any of the tags
  • Icosahedral split hexes no longer have mirror changes (change one half doesn’t automatically change the other half)
  • More textures for isometric terrain (savanna)
  • Export of icosahedral map has wrong mask placement
  • When using 2 monitors, if main window is on monitor 2, dialogs appear on monitor 1.
  • Implement ability to print a section of the map.

New Feature Ideas (Big or Small):

  • Save grid option preferences, scroll wheel pan option as well
  • Visual way to see what is GM Only when GM only is on
  • One click switch of something to GM Only or not
  • Move a shape (cut/copy/paste single items?)
  • Right-click copy terrain
  • Hair thin gap between hexes at most zoom levels
  • Have a way to change the scale automatically on map key
  • Some lines don’t need to change width when switching levels such as border lines
  • Select a line if user selects along a line, not just a point
  • Option for a label’s size to not change based on map level.  And/or change less.
  • Option to turn off scroll wheel zoom
  • Export information and notes to PDF
  • Fantasy map calendar (generation?)
  • Add Random ‘Features’ with GM Only option
  • Drag to do some actions to multiple hexes such as coastlines.
  • Improve coastline generation
  • Add an option to convert terrain from classic to isometric & vice versa
  • More name generator options
  • Use letters for hex numbering
  • Elvish, Dwarvish, other languages
  • Waterfall/rapids/natural spring/artesian well/rough water features
  • Generate Roads tool
  • Customize terrain in create new map settings
  • Viewer mode to view notes only, to cut down on overhead of creating/loading large map
  • Cover all of the map but a section, then reveal it little by little
  • Update calligraphy icons to auto-import
  • Preview label styles in label style selectors
  • As you move over hexes have a pop up display the terrain type, resources, elevation, etc.
  • Flood fill of like terrain
  • Political border tool
  • Isometric jungle mountains
  • Underwater city icons, etc.
  • Way to drag an underlay
  • Jump to Text in drop-down if you start typing the name.
  • Export map selection (not entire map)
  • Demographics/Population info
  • Mode where we don’t fill in an entire new layer of terrain at once, only as needed
  • Allow user to rename map view levels
  • Keep a recent files list
  • Add a way to import a map into another map… expanding it
  • Experiment with sparse matrices
  • Blend where two textures/polygons meet
  • Auto fill a hex group of 6 mountain tiles so that it looks like a mountain range instead each hex having 1 mountain in the middle of it.
  • Elevation indicators
  • Isometric lava fields, snow covered forest, cold desert
  • Delete Key should just let you delete, not select then delete.

Platform Issues: (Things we likely can’t fix because they are a bug in the underlying technology)

  • Some fonts won’t load.  Don’t know the specific criteria for what will and won’t load, but it is about 15%)

Have a bug report?  Send it to support at inkwellideas dot com.

Items crossed out are fixed in development, but not yet released.