How to Easily Add Custom Icons

Adding new icons for use in Worldographer is easy!  The program simply reads all the files & subfolders of your “user home” folder’s worldographer subfolder (c:\users\username\worldographer on windows or /users/username/worldographer on MacOSX).  Then add subfolders named “features”, “terrain”, and “textures” inside that.  All the configuration information is based on the filename–so the default icons size and background color of terrain will be spelled out in the name. These folders may have subfolders.

If you’re having trouble finding this folder, open Worldographer and go to the “Tools” menu and pick the “Show Configuration Folder” menu item.  A dialog will appear and show you the path & folder name it is expecting.

Terrain needs a background color and default icon size in the filename.  For example, if you want to add a new scrubland terrain icon, name it “scrubland–85-125-150-58-255-500.png”. What does that mean?  The numbers after the double dash are: size-r-g-b-a-elevation.  Size is the percentage of a hex the icon should use, RGB are the red, green, and blue values while the A is the alpha/transparency level, and Elevation is a number (in feet) to denote how high that terrain type is. RGBA are each values between 0 and 100.  For isometric terrain the background is only useful for the mini-map.  One other note for isometric features: they work best if you put them in subfolders titled “ISO Cols” and “ISO Rows” so in Worldographer they can be filtered properly.  Ex: c:\users\username\worldographer\terrain\ISO Cols\scrubland–85-125-150-58-255-500.png

Features need only a default size. So an icon can simply be named “stealth_bomber–85.png”.

Textures don’t need any special information.  The files can simply be added to the folder.

Note: If you’re using our pre-created Alternate Classic Expanded set (only the expanded set for now) it has a “altclassic.wxx” file in the zip file which is a Worldographer configuration with all the Alternate Classic and Alternate Classic Expanded terrain and feature icons pre-configured.  Open Worldographer, go to the File Menu and choose “Load Configuration” then choose that altclassic.wxx file.  Next make your map and it will have all the alternate classic icons pre-set.  You can also do this with an existing map by loading the map first, then loading the configuration file and the icons will change to the Alternate Classic & Expanded icons.  This was done because these icons mostly replace default icons and it is a bit cumbersome to configure the icon for each of 200 or so icons.