07. Editing Maps


Whether your map is a world/kingdom, settlement, or battlemat, most of the editing functionality is the same.


To place or change terrain on a world/kingdom map, or floor tiles on a battlemat, use the Terrain drawer on the right side.  (Note: settlement maps don’t often use terrain or floor tiles and often it is better to use shapes for battlemats.) Simply select the button for the terrain/tile you’d like to place, and click where you want it on the map.  The new type will replace whatever was there. Other controls on the Terrain drawer are described below.


To place features such as city, fort, ruins, etc., icons on a world or kingdom map; buildings and trees on a settlement map; or doors, tables, chairs, etc., on a battlemat use the Features drawer.  Click the button for the icon you’d like to place (a textbox near the top of that drawer allows you to filter by name and a drop-down list lets you filter by icon type), then click on the map where you’d like it.  Other controls on the Features drawer allow you to rotate it, resize, it and more. See the Features drawer section below for more details. Note: if you wish to change the settings of a feature already on the map, you need to click the “Select Feature” button on the Features drawer, then click on it on the map to select it, then make your changes.  Otherwise, any changes you make will only affect the next feature you place.


To place shapes such as a river, road or sea/coastline on a world/kingdom map, or the same things on a settlement map, or those things as well as room walls & floors on a battlemat use the Shapes drawer.  Select the shape type using the buttons at the top, and set the shape’s fill type & color and stroke type & color, then click points on the map for that shape.  Unlike Features, Terrain/Tiles, and Labels, as you place a shape is stays selected until you “De-select” it using the “De-select” button at the top of the shapes drawer or press control-D on your keyboard.


To place labels on any type of map, go to the Labels drawer.  Enter the text of your label, then press the “New Text Label”, and finally click on the map where you want the label. Note: as with features, changing the settings for the label after you place it will only affect the next label you place.  To change a label on the map already, click “Select Label”, then click it on the map, and finally then change the settings.

The menu options and drawer controls are all described in detail below.

A basic map in Worldographer with the View Options Drawer expanded.
A basic map in Worldographer with the View Options Drawer expanded.