01. Intro, About & Free/Pro Licensing

If you are using a newer version of Worldographer it is possible that some of the descriptions in this document may be out of date.

Graphics in this document were produced using the Windows Native Version running on Windows 10. Authors using Worldographer on other types of computers may see slightly different things, e.g., a dialog box on Mac or Linux does the same thing, but may appear different.


Worldographer is an ambitious re-design of Inkwell Ideas’ highly praised Hexographer (world/kingdom map creator/editor). Once the first version of Worldographer was created, it was expanded with the functionality originally released in Dungeonographer (dungeon maps) and Cityographer (city & town maps).

Worldographer is designed to not just make world maps—it makes worlds! In Worldographer, you don’t just create a map of the world: you also may detail cultures, religions, nations, place nations on the map, create points of interest with notes, rivers, coastlines and more.

All of that can be created directly by you, or Worldographer can create it for you in just a few minutes. Most likely you’ll want to do some of it yourself, let Worldographer do some, and edit it and add to it along the way. But you may do it all yourself or you can see what Worldographer generates with little direction from you.


Free vs. Pro Versions

Both the free and pro versions of Worldographer are the same download and the same program.  However, some “Pro” features are not usable in the free version.  Unlock these features by entering a code. The codes are for sale in our store.

Worldographer is licensed in three parts, based on three different types of maps:


This enables the use of the World/Continent/Kingdom mapping module in Worldographer:

  • Auto-generate map key
  • Terrain Wizard
  • Map Levels: generate them based on other level, delete them
  • Auto-switch Terrain from classic to isometric and vice versa
  • Generate Coasts
  • Generate Rivers
  • Trace Underlay
  • Convert Underlay

City/Town/Village aka Settlements

Enables the use of the City/Town/Village mapping module in Worldographer:

  • There is a 5000 person limit when generating a settlement without a pro license
  • Generate a coast, if using the step by step creation process
  • Configure city data (settings to generate store prices, building residents, etc.)


Enables the use of the Battlemat/Dungeon module in Worldographer:

  • Auto-generate several building types

Any License

Install any of the three licenses to access the following features:

  • Configure custom label styles
  • Import a map into another existing Worldographer map
  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Add custom textures, terrain, and features
  • Expand/Shrink columns/rows of terrain/tiles
  • Update world/name data file
  • Configure features, terrain, and textures