Change Log


  • Make the mini-map draw shapes for battlemats & settlements (cities/villages).
  • Fix a few bugs Importing Hexographer 1 maps (the first line shape the user drew wasn’t imported, feature labels weren’t being imported and some building map shapes weren’t being imported.)
  • Add extra logging when drawing the map.


  • Restore Mac version notarization. (MacOS won’t warn it is not validated.)
  • Allow a Cosmic/Star map to be expanded or shrunk.
  • Fix issue saving a label that doesn’t have a layer because it is associated with a Feature.


  • Fix opacity of some shapes.
  • Fix city wall in random city generation.



  • Makes sure that the background color of a label that is associated with a feature is in the correct place.
  • Preserve the “alpha” (amount of transparency) when using “Override Color” when placing a feature.


  • Force image naming extension.
  • Remove more html in notes.
  • Check if feature has location on map level.
  • Properly remove shape style presets.
  • Advise user to use polygon coasts if using map levels


  • Optimized/cleaned-up feature and terrain icons.


  • Improved support for city generator setting files.


  • Fixed the y-ordering of features.


  • Minor miscellaneous fixes.


  • A layer with ‘y-order’ in the name will draw features from the top of the map/screen toward the bottom, based on the center point of each
  • If an ‘A B C D’ toggle button (on the Terrain and Features drawers) is on, then the system will randomly pick terrain or features with the same name but just a different last character or two.


  • Overhauled the Export to PDF (from the File menu) dialog: more page sizes, bug fixes, and now you can tell it to fit the map to one page.


  • Minor UI fixes.
  • New generate coastlines setting for use with our Patreon Middle Earth map icons.


  • Fix zoom issue when using toolboxes.


  • Fix bug generating settlement buildings via generate menu.
  • Remove adjustable scale factor for shapes–wasn’t working correctly.


  • Fix issue with curves–when dragging points an empty curve could be created which would lead to other bugs


  • Use parent folder as tag for features/terrain
  • Label option for city buildings
  • Fixes to world and name data gen, shape scale factor, &more


  • Various settlement configuration screen fixes
  • ‘Min Child Age Percent’ for people in buildings


  • World/Kingdom generator live preview!
  • More world/kingdom generator settings (landforms, swamps, & more)
  • Halfling location names for name generator;Fixed bug when cloning/saving world/name configuration changes

Version 1.54

  • New setting on New City/Village dialog to set distance of buildings from road
  • More Hex Crawl options
  • Improved logging
  • Miscellaneous fixes

Version 1.53

  • New generate option for “cosmic” sector/subsector maps
  • Multiline label background colors
  • Feature rings below labels
  • Redraw only if terrain changes when dragging to place terrain
  • Allow negative terrain elevations with ‘n’ (xyz–100-10-20-30-100-n2000.png will give an elevation of negative 2000)
  • Allow empty number separator on load
  • New simple fountain symbols

Version 1.52

  • Show a label being placed as the user moves the mouse
  • Push back buildings further from roads to prevent overlap
  • Fix Map Key label placement

Version 1.51

  • Rare CubicCurve loading fix

Version 1.50

  • More tooltips
  • Fix issue where it wouldn’t start if the PC has some accessibility software added
  • Fix label placement/and background color
  • Fix opacity of feature color override
  • Other miscellaneous fixes

Version 1.49

  • Tooltips added to most controls on the terrain, features, shapes, labels, fog of war, trace underlay drawers and under the map
  • Set up road color properly for city generation
  • Isometric mountains when added via the tools menu get the proper tag

Version 1.48

  • Fix generate region to do isometric
  • Fix generate world to not do icosahedral calculations for flat maps–messes up amount of land
  • Don’t add 1/4 of a hex vertically to older map labels on load
  • Apply show/hide tags consistently for labels & shapes too
  • Don’t let selecting a feature change a feature’s tag.

Version 1.47

  • Fix positions of hex numbers
  • Correctly load a shape with a coast line style correctly.

Version 1.46

  • More hex crawl encounters.
  • Configure and load/save hex crawl details.
  • Save similar terrain when exporting a configuration.
  • A selected area on the map limits how far the terrain wizard fills in the map.

Version 1.45

  • Fixed an issue selecting labels on non-World map levels.

Version 1.44

  • A Hex crawl Generator! Right-click a hex and you’ll see a “Generate Random Hex Crawl Details” option with Major or Minor options, select one and a note & usually a feature is added to the map–and the note dialog pops up so you can edit it.
  • Lighter (25% opacity) default hex grid & 50% opacity for yellow box note markers on map.
  • Fix an issue with arctic mountains & the make isometric mountains pretty tool menu option.
  • Add new cottage, military camp, beacon, and construction classic feature symbols.
  • Generate city buildings that can contain other types of businesses (a strip mall can have a cafe, fast food, general store, etc.)
  • Label toolbox now has a alignment drop-down to center text (or right/left justify it.)
  • Store all (hopefully) user settings on the setup world, settlement, & battlemat screens.
  • Refresh icon buttons on import of new configuration settings.
  • Add label change scale factor – a way to decide if labels scale up (and how much) when switching map levels (world/continent/kingdom/province).

Version 1.43 (Beta, scroll down on the downloads page to try this version.)

  • Fix export selected area as image so it really does only export the selected area.
  • Add texture images to the texture drop-downs on the shapes drawer.
  • Add a “Coast” line style that draws a line and a polygon, but the line is only on the side with line-tos.  Use this when drawing a line. You can add move-to-points by holding down control when you click. This allows you to have a line along some edge(s) of a polygon, but not all.

Version 1.42 (Beta, scroll down on the downloads page to try this version.)

  • Allow adding an isometric icon coastline to a single land terrain by right-clicking it.
  • Remove shapes that are fully off the map when using the expand/shrink columns/rows on the tools menu.
  • Fix bug when removing a label style.
  • Add prettier isometric coastlines via the generate coasts option on the generate menu.

Version 1.41 (Beta, scroll down on the downloads page to try this version.)

  • Pan map with dragging middle mouse button.
  • Isometric river style.
  • Update to the new isometric coasts & mountains features.
  • Fix styled label outline size setting–it was using whatever was set in the custom outline size spinner.
  • Remove features/labels/notes that are off the map when shrinking using the option on the tools menu.

Version 1.41 (Beta, scroll down on the downloads page to try this version.)

  • Switch from control key to control or command key for mac users.
  • A few build fixes.

Version 1.40 (Beta, scroll down on the downloads page to try this version.)

  • A large number of refactorings–improvements to the organization & clarity of the code, but hopefully no impact to what users see.

Version 1.39

  • Fix issues with Create Dungeon Geomorph Map and Open Into This Map
  • Fix a rare font size issue
  • Fix a slight squishing of terrain icons
  • Allow negative numbers for placing an underlay
  • Save a label’s custom background color

Version 1.38

  • Fixed a bug preventing custom sized features from being selected
  • Fixed a bug when Undoing the move of a shape’s point caused the shape to turn black
  • Now the show checkboxes at the bottom of the screen (GM Only, Notes, Feature Labels, Grid, etc.) are associated with the map being viewed and these choices are saved when the map is saved
  • Added a Tower Generator to the Generate Battlemat screen (still a work in progress)

Version 1.37

  • Add extra controls to our “Taper Selected Line” button (used for turning lines into polygons for better looking rivers)
  • When placing a feature on the map, the feature is attached to your cursor/pointer as it moves over the map–it is also rotated and sized as chosen on the other feature controls
  • There are now 0/45/90/135/etc. buttons for the various common degree rotations to make it a little quicker to set those common values of features

Version 1.36

  • Fix issue selecting some features when they override the default width but not height
  • Other miscellaneous UI fixes.

Version 1.35

  • Added a way to join shapes (select two or more by holding the control key while selecting a point of any shape after the first) then click the “Join Shapes” button on the Shapes drawer
  • Added a new window icon for battlemats & mountain base for isometric world/kingdom maps.

Version 1.34

  • Fix bug when selecting features that are resized much differently than the defaults
  • Fix bug where the first point of a line as well as the new control points of a curve were not shown on the map when selecting/editing
  • Fix bug where a city map’s building placement would fail if there is no city center set (where two main roads meet).

Version 1.33

Version 1.31

  • Added many generators for details of features (lighthouses, churches, mines, logging camp, more)–select a feature then click the “Notes of Selected” button on Features drawer
  • Moved some controls to side of Terrain drawer instead of bottom
  • Added a checkbox on bottom of screen to turn on/off shapes’ drop-shadows (speeds redraw)
  • Fixed bug saving width & color of some map grids
  • Added Logging Camp, Cenote, and Hot Springs feature icons
  • Fixed bug saving widths of textures

Version 1.30

  • Fixed issues with re-generating a map level
  • Added a Generate menu option to regenerate the resource info (animals, brick, lumber, etc) for a map level
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t load that terrain resource info properly–if that is important for you, regenerate it via the prior point
  • Added more details for Notes about Forts, Capitals, Cities, and Towns (more coming)–select the Feature, then click the ‘Notes of Selected’ button on the Features drawer to generate/edit them

Version 1.29

  • 4th Map Level ‘Province’ was added–please note it is beta, so save your map as a separate file before using it
  • Redrawing the map is faster, thanks to the work on the Province layer–because that could get resource intensive
  • Terrain objects (Hexes/Tiles) are now 1/3 smaller, allowing for larger maps–again because on the Province layer that was a limiting factor
  • Dark Mode (on the Options menu);Added another Dungeon Section layout (another Prison section) when using Generate Dungeon via Sections on the Battlemat Setup Screen
  • Generate coasts from the Generate Menu for Worlds asks you if it should change the Ocean adjacent to land to Sea
  • Generate Nations/Empires prompts you to ask if you want the nation borders all one color (and which) or varied colors & you can also choose to fill the area with translucency or not
  • Saving a map is now done on another thread and lets you see the progress
  • Loading a map already showed you the progress, but now it tells you memory usage as well
  • Fill Hex Bottom of Features now works even if you have it set to ‘place freely’ so you can tweak the positioning
  • Fixed an issue with labels being cut off during export of the map to images/PDFs
  • Fixed a bug when switching between drawers & toolboxes–the terrain drawer wouldn’t display
  • Bugs fixed for the square grid displaying incorrectly
  • And more small fixes

Version 1.28

  • Small change to random tavern battlemat generator

Version 1.27

  • Rewrote the Tavern Battlemat Generator (pro feature);Added a desert frequency to World map generator
  • Upgraded Worldographer folder icon loader to handle folders beyond subfolders
  • Added configure label styles menu item

Version 1.26

  • Fix bug when selecting a line where one value isn’t updated with selected line’s setting

Version 1.25

  • New way to have multiple configuration subfolders (see Configure Menu)
  • Add a scale factor to shapes (mostly for lines resizing between world/continent/kingdom levels)
  • Add tooltip with info on Terrain/Features/Notes if new ‘Show Details on Hover’ Options menu item is selected
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 1.24

  • Fix bug preventing drawing a new shape by dragging mouse (would only start a shape if you clicked points).
  • Fix bug where some shapes/map objects wouldn’t be deleted when the objects’ map layer was deleted
  • Move View Options drawer controls to the bottom of the map window.

Version 1.23

  • Richer coastline generation: coastlines are more variable, user can control how wide they can be when doing them individually with the “Generate Coastline” button based on how close to the middle of a tile you click, and there is a new “Generate Coastline” option in the right-click menu when you click terrain.
  • Fixed bug preventing a user from dragging a shape.
  • Fixed bug when a map object’s view layer isn’t updated via the drop down.
  • And other small fixes.

Version 1.22

  • Use ‘Tile’ instead of ‘Hex’ where it makes sense.
  • Add Size field when configuring textures
  • Various minor Fixes.

Version 1.21

  • Move to a more recent technology platform.
  • Many, many minor fixes.

Version 1.195

  • New Random Dungeon Generator via sections.

Version 1.194

  • Fix trace underlay to line up with resized/repositioned image
  • Made shape points easier to select
  • Fixed bug loading Geographry Major label style
  • Turn off point dots in mini-map

Version 1.193

  • Fixed issue with shape points remaining on screen even when ‘Select Shape’ de-selected

Version 1.192

  • Fixed a few bugs configuring label styles and label backgrounds

Version 1.191

  • Fixed a bug saving a label’s outline width

Version 1.19

  • All points of all shapes highlight when you click ‘select line’ until your select one;Added outline width and background color to map labels;Fixed bug saving the flip settings of a feature

Version 1.18

  • Added over 50 new creature and character tokens (on the Features drawer, filter by ‘token’ in the drop down list)

Version 1.174

  • Fog of War/Explore added–perfect for screen-sharing with players–look for the Fog of War/Explore drawer/toolbox and see the instructions/help (?) button there
  • Table data in notes of buildings can be copied out with ctrl-C or right-click and select copy after selecting rows
  • Note data tabs can be re-generated individually with a new button below the table
  • Other miscellaneous fixes

Version 1.173

  • Fixed bug preventing PDF export
  • Configure settlement dialog now warns if race percentages don’t add up to 100 when you click ‘Apply’

Version 1.172

  • Added ‘Open Recent’ to the File menu which stores the last 10 maps opened
  • Fixed a bug where rotated labels would get cut in places on an exported map
  • World and Name Config dialog now checks (when you ‘Apply’) the Config Settlement Data dialog’s races list to make sure all languages mentioned there have languages set up with the correct name in the World and Name Config
  • World and Name Config dialog entries are alphabetized
  • And a few other small fixes

Version 1.170

  • Created a new UI to configure World and Name Data (from the Configure menu)
  • Fixed default world and name data;Fixed issue loading underlay with non-whole-number settings
  • New forest floor texture for a city/town/village map and related changes

Version 1.165

  • Added narrow versions of houses and some shops as well as apartment buildings
  • Person naming now properly uses the World/Name data file;Export Notes to HTML includes all table data and small map images
  • Custom Features now preserve aspect ratio when their size is set in the filename
  • Trace Underlay now accepts decimal numbers for the X, Y, width, & height

Version 1.162

  • Don’t double the width of lines when using Re-Generate map levels in the Menu bar
  • Add new tables, chairs, bookcases, desks, stairs, etc. for battlemats in consistent Pine, Walnut, and Weathered finishes
  • Don’t draw grid in mini-map (fix black mini-map bug)
  • Move Notes when expanding rows/columns of tiles

Version 1.159:

  • Make features easier to rotate

Version 1.158:

  • Polygon Grid Border tool (checkbox on Shapes drawer)
  • Easier to select Features



  • Polygon Grid Border tool (checkbox on Shapes drawer)
  • Easier to select Features


  • Fix missing grid layer on some settlement maps;
  • Fix bug creating shape without a map layer set


  • New Battlemat Generator: Smith;
  • Fix bugs: & in terrain or feature name causing file load failure, tapered line has extra point in top left corner when reloaded, new map label was added to wrong layer, select shape, feature, or label would let you select one even if that layer is not visible;
  • Autosave now only saves if file has been changed since last autosave and won’t try to save if turned off


  • Add Grid layer so grid can be above or below features, shapes, or labels (go to the layers box/drawer and move the Grid layer up or down)
  • Fix bug where line thicknesses would change when loading a map;
  • Fix bug saving file with a terrain type of null


  • Add “Taper Line Selected” button to the Shapes drawer/toolbox for a more natural looking river–Thanks to our Patreon:
  • Fix a bug displaying a map label with empty/no text.


  • Major speed improvement for maps with many labels
  • Bug fix for loading config files that didn’t have a version number


  • Fixed a bug when exporting a selected area as an image/PDF
  • Fixed issue with lines resizing when user cancels switching view levels


  • Layers functionality
  • Toolboxes (floating dialogs) option for controls;Region map configuration dialog (configure button on the new World/Kingom Map screen)
  • Several small fixes


  • Speed up mini-map redraw which was causing large maps (2000×1000+ hexes) to redraw slowly and seem to freeze


  • Fix bug loading lines created as curves
  • Fix bug causing some features not to display


  • Fix bug with square grid on exported maps
  • Fix bug where a fill was added to lines if the line was created with an older version of Worldographer
  • Add hotkeys: “5” to zoom out and see the entire map, Ctrl-P hotkey to switch to pan mode and + (or =) to zoom out and – to zoom in


  • Add date ranges to features (see youtube video)
  • Fix arc/oval drawing when dragging up and left; Prompt user when closing with unsaved changes
  • Other miscellaneous fixes


  • Setup new map screens (world/kingdom, city/settlement, and dungeon/battlemat) are all now resizeable and scrollable – they weren’t large enough in some cases).


  • Fix bug preventing shrinking rows/columns from a map
  • Ctrl-D deselects a selected shape/feature;Other small fixes


  • Miscellaneous small fixes (layout of new map dialogs, etc.)
  • Fix z-order Feature buttons
  • Make settlement, world, and battlemat creation dialogs cancel-able


  • Several small fixes: improve load time speed, prevent missing language from stopping a city generation, etc.


  • Battlemat/Dungeon mapping alpha release (blank maps, dungeons, stores, houses, inns, etc. plus Dungeon Geomorphs)–see video on the Inkwell Ideas Youtube channel
  • Better rotation of features
  • Fix paint bucket issue with icy terrain
  • Many smaller fixes


  • Fix issue importing Hexographer 1 maps
  • Fix issue with labels of features shifting position of the feature


  • Fixes to Configure Settlement Dialog
  • Fix a bug reading custom features when loading a map
  • Additional 1e Mountain icons;Other miscellaneous fixes


  • Fix mini-map icosahedral map on continent, kingdom levels
  • Save town/village map labels
  • Fix bug opening expand/shrink columns/rows dialog;Easier to select shapes
  • Shapes are now draggable! (Select one, then control-drag, but don’t drag a point)
  • Non-built-in features loaded in a map now keep their height settings
  • Map grid and numbering settings are saved in map file


  • Make settlement configuration building names match better
  • Fix issue selecting a feature or terrain button after using the scrollbar


  • Fix issues resizing and rotating features and map labels using the on-map controls
  • Fix mini-map blur
  • Allow user to delete a layer


  • Import Cityographer 1 feature improvements
  • Fix issues saving changes to notes


  • Numerous miscellaneous fixes
  • Beta version of city/town/village mapping now included


  • New Icy and Tropical generate map settings instead of just Temperature
  • Fix bug loading some arc/ovals


  • Files are GZipped as written to drastically cut size
  • Fill hex bottom of feature uses correct color
  • River generator works on continent and kingdom levels (but World level must be created first)
  • Terrain and Feature icons refresh when configuration is changed
  • Feature Label’s positions can be adjusted


  • Fix export to PDF
  • Fix generating a map level when the map has a label or not on a map level


  • Grassland terrain in loaded files now loads


  • Fix wide area terrain drawing
  • Fix features going missing when dragged


  • Fix some default terrain that wasn’t loading correctly


  • Open multiple maps at the same time in their own tabs
  • Cut/Copy/Paste across Tabs
  • Grid options (colors, thickness) are properly used
  • View options and menu bar configuration checkboxes are saved for the user (not with the map)
  • Fix issues with undo/redo when drawing shapes
  • Map Key positioning in row hex orientation fixed
  • Can select areas and cut/copy/paste when dragging to select in multiple ways;And many smaller issues


  • Fix memory issue caused by opening/closing terrain/feature drawers
  • Fix close list tag in exported notes
  • Add menu items to export image/PDF of selected area
  • Fix issue with underlay dialog being too big for some screens
  • Fix problem with imported feature being too small


  • Remove ghost lines between hexes
  • Add GM-Only to right click menu on map
  • Fix losing Icy and GM-Only when re-loading map
  • Fix icosahedral masking when exporting image


  • Minor miscellaneous fixes


  • Reduce saved file sizes by 50+%
  • Fix auto-save function


  • Speed up file saves
  • Properly escape font names with ampersands
  • Go to ‘world info’ when no world is no longer causes stack trace
  • Notes of features always now load properly
  • Icons when importing a Hexographer map are no longer lost
  • Right sidebar is now resizeable (drag the divider)
  • New convert to classic terrain and convert to isometric terrain menu items in tools
  • World info menu has a terrain stats option
  • Issue with drawing a map when a label doesn’t have a location on a view level is now fixed


  • Prevent shapes from painting over the grid
  • Menu option for scroll wheel to pan, not zoom
  • Ensure note indicators are placed above features
  • Ensure Generate map button on new map window isn’t shifted off the window
  • Fix save issue of feature notes


  • Add menu item to configure Worldographer config folder
  • Allow user to manually add features, terrain, and textures using the Configure menu


  • Properly load custom terrain and features from user worldographer folder
  • Add favorites option to top drop-down list on terrain and feature drawers
  • Right click terrain and feature buttons to add/remove them as favorites


  • Fix issue when saving an empty map key
  • Add view option to make GM-only items glow when GM only is on
  • Fix position bug of underlay
  • Rename Trace Overlay drawer to Trace Underlay


  • Import a Hexographer map into an existing map
  • Import Hexographer map as non-World level loads labels correctly now
  • Issue placing terrain causing adjacent tiles to go dark in specific cases fixed
  • Export a selected section of the map
  • Map key scale appears in correct spot when exporting
  • Note dialog made shorter to accommodate smaller screens
  • Trace overlay width is now loaded properly in a saved map
  • Configure terrain now adds terrain even if it has no image


  • Fix extra map key displaying on export
  • Fix map key save issue;Ensure adjacent terrain doesn’t go blank when placing terrain
  • Properly load nations and cultures with child nodes
  • Fix mixed forest classic icons;Don’t draw terrain that is GM only if show GM only is off


  • Fix world data (nations/cultures/religions) load issue
  • Improve detection of clicking on a feature


Bugs to Fix:

  • Adding rows/columns then changing the new terrain hexes changes the hexes to the side.
  • Icosahedral split hexes no longer have mirror changes (change one half doesn’t automatically change the other half)
  • When using 2 monitors, if main window is on monitor 2, dialogs appear on monitor 1
  • Delete detection in rows orientation is a little off, for selected terrain in particular
  • Retain texture overrides when undoing a delete
  • Isometric terrain has a fuzzy edge that makes it look like a gap between hexes

New Feature Ideas (Big or Small) – Note we’re using voting on our Patreon to evaluate new features:

  • Hover over feature, show its name/type
  • Allow user to set multi-line labels’ justification and leading.
  • Add overall map notes (city info, world data, etc) to export
  • Add a way to move shapes, indicator when a shape will be selected/which will be selected
  • Allow the deletion of all assets of a single type while using the select tool (i.e. using the select tool to select an area and only delete the features inside it instead of the terrain and shapes too)
  • Visual way to see what is GM Only when GM only is on
  • Visual way to determine elevation
  • One click switch of something to GM Only or not
  • Multi-select
  • More textures for isometric terrain (savanna)
  • Apply elevation & resource changes to terrain type to already placed terrain
  • Move a shape (cut/copy/paste single items?)
  • Right-click copy terrain
  • Add a transform tool
  • Add a terrain eyedropper tool to easily select terrain that is already on the map to paint with
  • Hair thin gap between isometric style hexes at most zoom levels
  • Have a way to change the scale automatically on map key
  • Some lines don’t need to change width when switching levels such as border lines
  • Select a line if user selects along a line, not just a point
  • Option for a label’s size to not change based on map level.  And/or change less.
  • Option to turn off scroll wheel zoom
  • Export information and notes to PDF
  • Fantasy map calendar (generation?)
  • Add Random ‘Features’ with GM Only option
  • Drag to do some actions to multiple hexes such as coastlines.
  • Improve coastline generation
  • Add an option to convert terrain from classic to isometric & vice versa
  • More name generator options
  • Use letters for hex numbering
  • Elvish, Dwarvish, other languages
  • Waterfall/rapids/natural spring/artesian well/rough water features
  • Generate Roads tool
  • Customize terrain in create new map settings
  • Viewer mode to view notes only, to cut down on overhead of creating/loading large map
  • Cover all of the map but a section, then reveal it little by little
  • Update calligraphy icons to auto-import
  • Preview label styles in label style selectors
  • As you move over hexes have a pop up display the terrain type, resources, elevation, etc.
  • Flood fill of like terrain
  • Political border tool
  • Isometric jungle mountains
  • Underwater city icons, etc.
  • Way to drag an underlay
  • Jump to Text in drop-down if you start typing the name.
  • Export map selection (not entire map)
  • Demographics/Population info
  • Mode where we don’t fill in an entire new layer of terrain at once, only as needed
  • Allow user to rename map view levels
  • Keep a recent files list
  • Add a way to import a map into another map… expanding it
  • Experiment with sparse matrices
  • Blend where two textures/polygons meet
  • Allow previewing of grid and grid number changes before closing the dialogue. This would be very useful for choosing fonts
  • Auto fill a hex group of 6 mountain tiles so that it looks like a mountain range instead each hex having 1 mountain in the middle of it.
  • Elevation indicators
  • Isometric lava fields, snow covered forest, cold desert
  • Delete Key should just let you delete, not select then delete.

Platform Issues: (Things we likely can’t fix because they are a bug in the underlying technology)

  • Some fonts won’t load.  Don’t know the specific criteria for what will and won’t load, but it is about 15%)

Have a bug report?  Send it to support at inkwellideas dot com.

Items crossed out are fixed in development, but not yet released.