Configuring Settlement Icon Packs

To configure settlements (especially when using our building icon packs–originally for our older Cityographer program, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Add the buildings in the icon pack to your [user]/worldographer/ folder.  Ideally, set them up so the buildings are in a features/structure/ folder of a folder based on the icon name.  For example: [user]/worldographer/post-apoc/features/structure/ and non-buildings can be left in the features folder there. They don’t have to go in the structure subfolder.
  2. In Worldographer, go to the Configure menu, then select “Add Configuration Subfolders”. Next select the groups of icons you want to use.  In our example, pick “post-apoc”. At this point the icons should be added. If you make a simple map or open one, you should see your icons on the Features drawer.  (There may be a lot, so you may need to scroll or filter to find them.)  Close that map if you were just testing that the icons were there.
  3. To make sure the icons will be used by the city/village generators or when you hand place them on the map data will be generated about the map, go to the Configure menu and select “Configure Settlement Data”.  At the bottom of the window that opens, click “Load Configuration” and select either the modern or post-apocalyptic files linked below.  (Download it first.)
  4. When you now generate a map, the new icons should be used.  Or if you hand place an building, data should be added based on its type.  (If defined in the downloaded file.)
  5. Further changes are possible via the Configure Settlement Data dialog.  See the Configure Settlement Dialog instructions on the Configuration Windows instructions page.

See also the following video: