02. Installation & Updates

Supported Platforms

Worldographer runs on many types of computers and there are three versions designed for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OSX, and a Java JAR version that runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. These are available at: https://www.worldographer.com/download/

Worldographer requires a 64-bit computer. Most computers made in the past 5 years are 64-bit.

Windows Version

If you are using Microsoft Windows 7+, you should use the Windows specific version. This is installed using a normal Windows installer, and Worldographer is launched by double-clicking an icon on the desktop.

On a technical level, Worldographer’s Windows version allows for dynamic memory allocation. As your map grows, it can use more memory up to the limits of the computer.


There are 3 installers for the Macintosh version which differ only in the amount or memory (RAM) that is allocated for Worldographer. [On a technical level, each version bundles a mini-Java Virtual Machine, so you don’t need to install or configure that separately.]

How to choose the installer?

Determine the amount of memory (RAM) in your Macintosh.

  • If you have 4 GB or less, choose the 2 GB installer.
  • If you have 8 GB Or less, choose the 4 GB installer.
  • If you have more than 8 GB, choose the 6 GB installer.

Note: You may have to allow unsigned applications to install on your computer in order for Worldographer to install. Please remember to reset this setting once Worldographer is installed.


For most other modern computers, download the Java version. The native Java version requires you to download and install Java, if it is not already installed. This version is executed from the command line, making sure to give it appropriate memory. For example, if your computer has 8 GB of memory, you likely can give Worldographer 4 GB comfortably. In this case, launch it with the following command line:
java -Xmx4G -jar Worldographer.jar
Change the 4 to any other number for a different amount of memory.

Note: See the Download page for additional notes regarding running Worldographer on Linux.

Exclusion: Chromebooks do not run Java, so Worldographer cannot run on them. (Android, iPhones, etc., also.)


Occasionally, Worldographer will have new features added and bugs fixed. You’ll see an “Update Available” menu in the menu bar when a new update is available, resembling the following:

Update Available

Update Available

Selecting Update Available | Get Update Info displays a dialog box similar to the one below. This dialog box provides a synopsis of the updates and improvements since the last time you updated Worldographer.

Update Details

Update Details

To get the update, navigate to https://www.worldographer.com/download and re-download the software and reinstall. You do not need to uninstall the prior version.