Our Massive Map Icons Index Was Just Updated

Inkwell Ideas has made a huge number of map icons over the past several years thanks to our Patreon. Via the Patreon, each month we make 100+ total icons in 4 styles: isometric world/kingdom, classic world/kingdom, settlement, & battlemat based on a theme picked by our patrons. Sign up for the Patreon to help us continue to make them!

But if you’ve missed any or you want to pick and choose, check the index to see which you may want! Whether you’re making a fantasy world map, a battlemat of a spaceship, a gnome village, and everything in between we have the map icons you’ll need.  We make them for use with Worldographer but they are PNG images so most image and map editors can import them.  We designed them to be 300 pixels/square or hex.  So if you’re printing them they will be crisp & clear.