Worldbuilding 101: Start With What Is Essential & What Is Inspiring

Over on the main Inkwell Ideas site, we have a new post about Worldbuilding.  It isn’t Worldographer (or fantasy map-making) specific, but I do think folks who use Worldographer would like it. The key points in the article are:

  1. Spend time detailing what’s essential for the beginning of your campaign.
  2. Also add detail where you’re inspired/where you have cool/fun ideas.
  3. Include your players’ interests as you build the world.
  4. It is OK to not detail aspects of your world that aren’t essential & they can change. (Here the article gives a few good ideas on how/why aspects of the campaign changed.)

We also made a video version of the article which does go into more detail and use Worldographer (but only to a limited degree).